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Total length

4,0 m

Hull length

3,6 m

Hull Width

1,68 m

Type of housing



Water resistant plywood, carbon, epoxy resin


1 pilot


Electric, DC, brushless, 48 V, 5 kW

Type of propulsion

Suspended, 3-blade screw


14 knots (26,8 km/h)

Total solar panel capacity

800 Watts (peak)


Solar Controller Type

MPPT, Victron Solar



2x Li-on, 48 V, 40 A/h

Main equipment

Oar, hold pump, fire extinguisher, stop button, steering gear and steering cable,
transformer (48 V / 12 V),
Electric motor controller.

Construction term

1 months

Cost approx.

300 000 rub.

This boat was a continuation of the work of students of Moscow Polytechnic, the embodiment of 3 years of experience in the creation of boats on solar energy. Valentina Queen is a modular multi-function boat - it can participate in solar boat competitions, can be used as a battery electric boat, but can also be used with a conventional gasoline engine. It is a boat that is not limited to competition and can be used for a wide range of tasks. We decided to make the boat project entirely of composite material and Valentina Queen became a test prototype. The boat is named after our permanent pilot Valentina Kaplin, who brought us many victories in Russia and Germany.

План палубы - Чёрная жемчужина


Kazan (2019)

Kazan (2019)

2 place (euro-class experimental)
Moscow (2019)

Moscow (2019)

1 place (general comp.)
Grozny (2018)

Grozny (2018)

1 place (total set-off)
Altenhof - Germany (2018)

Altenhof - Germany (2018)

1 place (euro-class experimental)
Veliky Novgorod (2018)

Veliky Novgorod (2018)

1 place (euro-class experimental)


Phone: +7 (962) 903-41-64
Email: info@mrsolarteam.ru
Contact person: Valentina Kaplina


Bolshaya Semyonovskaya str., 38
Moscow, 107023

The Territory of the Moscow
Polytechnic University