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Total length

4,7 m

Length by waterline

4,4 m

Total width

1,7 m

Body Width

0,8 m

Type of housing



Water resistant plywood, glass fabric, epoxy resin


1 pilot


Electric, DC, brushless, 24 V, 1 kW

Type of propulsion

Suspended, 3-blade screw


6,5 knots (12 km/h)

Total solar panel capacity

1000 Watts (peak)


Solar Controller Type

PWM, EP Solar



2x lead acid, 12 V, 85 A/h

Main equipment

Oar, hold pump, fire extinguisher, stop button,
Electric motor controller.

Construction term

3 months

Cost approx.

300 000 rub.

Flame is our first solar boat project. The "Stitch & glue" method was used in the construction of the hull. The material of the body is moisture-resistant plywood of the highest category. Numeca Fine Marine was used to calculate hydrodynamic indicators. Debut competitions of the boat took place in 2016 in Nizhny Novgorod where prize-winning places were taken, and then, in the same year, in Vladivostok we achieved the 1st place. In 2017 this boat was launched again in the water area of Nizhny Novgorod and showed its potential winning 1st place.
The boat is currently in the process of being upgraded for the 2018 season.


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План палубы - Flame



Kazan (2019)
1st (speed class)

Nizhny Novgorod (2017)
1st (total set-off)

Vladivostok (2016)
1st (class A - Engine power up to 4 kW)


Nizhny Novgorod (2016)
2nd (movement without energy accumulators)

Nizhny Novgorod (2016)
3rd (class A - Engine power up to 1 kW)

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