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Total length

4,9 m

Length by waterline

4,5 m

Total width

1,4 m

Body Width

0,8 m

Type of housing



Water resistant plywood, glass fabric, epoxy resin


1 pilot


Electric, DC, brushless, 48 V, 5 kW

Type of propulsion

Suspended, 3-blade screw


13,4 knots (24,8 km/h)

Total solar panel capacity

600 Watts (peak)


Solar Controller Type

MPPT, Victron Solar



2x Li-on, 48 V, 40 A/h

Main equipment

Oar, hold pump, fire extinguisher, stop button,
transformer (48 V / 12 V),
Electric motor controller.

Construction term

2 months

Cost approx.

360 000 rub.

This boat was built by students of the Moscow Polytechnic University, especially for participation in competitions "Solar regatta." During development this electric motor boat, we set the goal of becoming the best Russian team in the 2016 season. We developed and calculated the hull of the boat using the Numeca Fine Marine software environment. On this boat our team took the 2 place in the solar regatta stage in Calinigrad, losing to TH Wildau team from Germany, and 3 place in Solarbotregatta 2017 competitions in Vildau, Germany.

План палубы - Чёрная жемчужина


Vildau - Germany (2017)

Vildau - Germany (2017)

3place (total set-off)
Kaliningrad (2017)

Kaliningrad (2017)

2 place (class A - Engine power more than 1 kW)


Phone:+7 (962) 903-41-64
Email: info@mrsolarteam.ru
Contact person: Valentina Kaplina


Bolshaya Semyonovskaya str., 38
Moscow, 107023

The Territory of the Moscow
Polytechnic University